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“Patients care that their doctor actually cares for them,” said Dr. Zelaya, who provides care for complicated, reversible and irreversible conditions of
the kidneys as well as internal medicine. “How I approach medicine is how I approach people,” said Dr. Ana, who specializes in acute and chronic conditions in adults, disease prevention, and provides well women and men’s wellness exams. “I act the same way with friends and family as I do with my patients.”

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The Medical Power Team

Who we are:

We offer Internal medicine, nephrology and hypertension quality care. We take care of the patient in a multi disciplinary approach. Interested in the mental and physical wellbeing of the patients. Including their nutrition and early detection of preventable and manageable health conditions. We integrate the patient in their own health platform for chronic and acute conditions with accessibility to the provider.

Our Administrator June Lew (in the middle) works with our doctors, Reps., and other health organization to bring our patient and future patient the best care.


Bilingual: Spanish and English.

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Very Important Announcement

Covid-19 Telemedicine

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Dear Patients, The health and wellness of our patients is our top priority, and therefore, limiting the spread of COVID-19 in our community and among our most vulnerable members is of the utmost importance.

Our office will remain open as long at it is safe and in compliance with State and Federal recommendations.