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Travel Medicine and Vaccination

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Travel Immunizations 

Travel healthy with DOH-Manatee.  If you are taking an international trip, your travel checklist should include a visit to our Travelers Health Clinics.  Our health professionals will help you learn about immunizations and other precautions recommended for your specific destination.

Who should visit the Travelers Health Clinic?

  • People traveling overseas for business or vacation
  • College-age students who will be studying abroad
  • Those visiting other countries for mission trips or international adoptions


Our Specialists

Internist/Nephrologist Dr. Sheyla Zelaya and Internist Dr. Ana Karovska have built a model for their practice that centers on their patients as a whole, understanding the different dimensions of their needs and concerns.

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Sheyla Zelaya, MD

Nephrology / Board Certified - Internal Medicine
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Ana K. Vuchidolov, MD

Board Certified - Internal Medicine

Frequently asked questions

Each area of the world has different requirements, and you will want to be protected regardless of where you travel. Our qualified staff will recommend vaccinations and other precautions based on your destination.  DOH-Manatee is a state-certified yellow fever vaccination provider.   

Additionally, it is a good idea to keep your flu vaccine up to date whether travelling in-country or out and to be current with routine adult vaccinations.

  • Adult immunizations (also called vaccines) are a safe, effective way to protect the spread of serious diseases. We offer the immunizations that are often required for college, jobs and immigration.

Putting Quality into Practice

It’s an honor and a privilege to participate in your care. As you get to know us, we believe you will see
how important it is for us to get to know YOU. We believe g ood communication is a vital skill for
everything from understanding your concerns to explaining a diagnosis, to relaying information across
the healthcare system to other healthcare professionals who may be involved in your care.