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Laboratory Tests ordered by Healthcare Professionals 

Most of the laboratory testing services we perform are for laboratory results and are a key component of your physician’s diagnosis and treatment of your health condition.  Your physician will apply your results to other procedure reports and clinical findings in your health record to best determine a course of action that is appropriate for you. 


Our Specialist

Sheyla Zelaya, MD

Nephrology/Internal Medicine

Ana K. Vuchidolov, MD

Board Certified - Internal Medicine

Freequently asked questions

Individuals cannot order tests themselves, due to state regulatory requirements, but if you are interested in having a specific laboratory test performed, please ask your healthcare provider if the test is appropriate for you, and if he/she can order the test(s) for you. 

Based on information gathered from your medical history, a recent exam and your current symptoms, your physician will order specific tests that provide additional relevant clinical information to aid in forming a diagnosis.

Your sample will be labeled with your name, date of birth, and one other unique identifier.  It will be transported to an Intermountain laboratory via a courier or tube system.  Samples are scrutinized for correct patient identification, sample type and volume, and then prepared for testing in the appropriate laboratory department by technicians and/or technologists with specific training for that test type.  Results are transmitted electronically to physician and patient portals upon completion.

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